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Vendor: Food For Thought

Location: Honor, MI
Food Miles: 140 miles
Website: https://foodforthought.net

Think about it! Intentional ingredients, fair trade sugar, priority on local sourcing, low sugar recipes. Healthy, clean-label Organic and Truly Natural artisanal products - made in Traverse City, Michigan!

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Cherry BBQ Sauce Smokey & Hot BBQ Sauce Sweet & Sassy BBQ Sauce Premium Tart Cherry Preserves Premium Cherry Raspberry Preserves Truly Natural Black Cherry Preserves Michigan Craft Brew Spice IPA Mustard & Rub FFT - Blueberry With Lavender Dressing FFT - Roasted Garlic Dressing FFT - Maple Cream Mustard Dressing Concord Grape Jelly Cherry Apple Jelly Cherry Chile Tequila Hot Sauce Scorpions Sting Hot Sauce Righteous Rum Jerk Sauce Cherry Honey Mustard Cherry Poppyseed Vinaigrette Peach Salsa - Medium Cherry Ketchup Homestyle Ketchup Spicy Chipotle Ketchup