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Vendor: Kid's Food Basket Farm

Kid Location: Grand Rapids MI

Kids' Food Basket is a 501(c)3 organization that attacks childhood hunger in West Michigan. They provide simple "sack suppers" to children who may lack access to a nourishing dinner due to being at our below the poverty level. The students are given a "sack supper" to take home at the end of the school day. Kids' Food Basket serves 8200 students, across 3 counties, and 49 schools. 

In 2018 Kids' Food Basket established a 10 acre urban farm at their new Grand Rapids headquarters. This farm serves as an educational tool, real access to healthy organically grown food for "sack suppers", and an as opportunity for further community engagement. 

Doorganics is proud to support Kids' Food Basket in their important mission of attacking childhood hunger. The Doorganics team volunteers on farm, and we purchase excess organically grown produce from the 10 acre KFB urban farm to deliver to Doorganics customers. 

Anything from Kid's Food Basket Farm this week?
nope! not this week.