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Vendor: MSU Beef

Location: Lake City, MI
Food Miles: 109 miles

To meet the growing demand for grass fed/finished beef in our state, Michigan State University has set out to research, develop systems, and support our "grass-fed" farmers.

One hundred and eighty beef cows are raised on 810 acres of managedland, where Dr. Rowntree’s research also focuses on forage utilization of grazing beef cattle. The pastures are monitored for the brix (or sugar) in the grasses, and the cattle are moved daily to ensure the forage they eat has the highest amount of brix possible. Then they are finished on a combination of perennial pasture and alfalfa along with high quality hay. The unique results of this careful attention can be seen in the extensive marbling, and tasted in the meat. This is a premium beef product without the use of any grains. Not only does the program meet the market demands for high-quality beef, but it supports research on forage and beef production systems that are holistic, sustainable and profitable. With the collaboration of industry and community partners, Dr. Rowntree’s work is improving the economics of small-and medium-size beef producers through our local and regional distribution system.

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