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Vendor: Swiss Mountain Coffee

Swiss Mountain Coffee Location: Comstock Park, MI

Swiss Mountain Coffee is a local West Michigan Micro-Roaster.  

The team at Swiss Mountain Coffee strives to choose coffee beans that are sustainably grown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.  They work with farmers who participate in Direct Trade. This allows farmers the opportunity to pay their workers above the usual minimum wage, which in turn, helps to provide a better lifestyle for the workers by improving their homes and educating them on issues such as diet. These farmers are committed to growing the finest beans, in a healthy and chemical-free environment, thereby creating an exceptional product while keeping in harmony with nature and the entire community.

The Swiss Mountain Coffee mission is to provide a quality product at an exceptional price. We are confident that once you taste their products, you will never settle for ordinary grocery store coffee again.

Good for the Consumer, Good for the Farmers, Good for the Environment.

Anything from Swiss Mountain Coffee this week?
nope! not this week.