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Vendor: The Brinery

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

The Brinery is a business founded on the necessity of preservation. Birthed from the deep soils of Tantre Farm, David first began fermenting as a method of preserving a field of autumn cabbages. This initial foray into artisinal methods of storing food, a nod to primordial traditions, lead to the wide variety of products produced at the Brinery today.

The Brinery has expanded since, and continues to do so. Brinery products embrace many civilizations and traditions– Korea to Germany, carrot pickle to tempeh, Whole Foods to the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market. As the business continues to grow, still David and the Brinery team maintain their early values: a commitment to lactobacillus as a direct path to digestive enlightenment and great health, an infatuation with Michigan farmers and the heartbeats of their fields, and a meaningful zeal for the creative and original. The Brinery began as row after row of fall cabbage, blossoming into a dynamic and innovative wealth of barrels, bacteria, and kites thrown wild in the wind.

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