Elderberry Flower Tart Sparkling Tonic

Fruitbelt Tart Sparkling Tonic

Elderberry Flower Tart Sparkling Tonic


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Fruitbelt Tart Sparkling Tonics began in 2012 when friends Michele & Beth imagined a sparkling drink that would capture the taste and character of Michigan's Fruitbelt. They blend juice from tart fruit, honey and bitters distilled from botanicals indigenous to the orchard for a light, aromatic and refreshing tonic. 

Elderberry Flower Sparkling Tonic with Bitters and Honey has a rich, slightly sweet flavor, & is chock full of antioxidants to boot.

4 pack of 8oz cans. Only 35 Calories, 8g carbs, and 5g added sugar (honey)

Woman Owned

No Preservatives


True Source Verified Honey

Made in Michigan