Local Staples Box

Local Staples Box


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What's in it?

Multi Grain Bread
Multi Grain Bread , 1 (loaf)
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Creswick Farms Eggs
Creswick Farms Eggs , 1 (dozen)
What are happy hens? Well Creswick Farms hens are happy because they are free to roam all over the grass eating a variety of greens and bugs. ...see more

100% Grass Fed - Ground Beef
100% Grass Fed - Ground Beef, 1 (lb)
Apsey Farm is located in Reed City, Michigan and raises 100% grass-fed Black Angus cattle on wide open pasture. Farmer Kyle Apsey is the current steward of the 100+...see more

Chicken Breast - Boneless Skinless
Chicken Breast - Boneless Skinless, 1 (1 lb)
Farmer Vern Troyer raises free-range, non-GMO chicken on his farm in Marlette, MI. This is a sister operation to the Green Valley Organics produce we have enjoyed...see more

Great Lakes Gourmet Greens - Local
Great Lakes Gourmet Greens - Local, 1 (each)
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