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1200mg Organic CBD Tincture

Stony Lake Naturals

1200mg Organic CBD Tincture

$55.99/1 FL OZ

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Stony Lake Naturals is a Certified Organic farm located in beautiful West Michigan. All aspects of growing, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, and packaging are done right on the farm. Great care is taken every step of the way to assure you are purchasing a product that meets or exceeds expectations. 

Due to the nutrient rich soil and innovative crop rotation methods used on the farm, no fertilizer is necessary. Implementation of sustainable and hands on pest control practices have also eliminated the need for pesticides. Long natural cure times and low temperature processing methods are used to avoid damage to cannabinoids and terpenes. All products are 3rd party tested for quality and safety.

Tincture contains 1200mg Organic CBD.


Organic MCT Oil, Organic Hemp Extract