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Swiss Mountain Organic Columbia


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A light to medium roast. The lighter roast brings out the floral and sweetness. Soft taste profile of a smooth sweet, honey, raisin, fig and chocolate notes. 

Farm Facts: Cafe Del Macizo was born from the dissatisfaction of frustrated farmers who were selling their main product at such a low cost, generating losses. The association project started with the intention of fairer trade, thus improving the quality of life for many coffee farmers and their families. The idea grew, and today, 59 coffee growers are committed to the association, with a focus on quality and sustainable production. Located in Tolima, this association sits at 1400-2000 masl and is organic and fair-trade certified, growing a variety of coffees including Caturra, Colombia, Tipica and Castillo. 

Swiss Mountain Coffee is a local micro roaster headquartered in Comstock Park.

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