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100% Grass Fed - Chuck Tender Steak

Apsey Farm

100% Grass Fed - Chuck Tender Steak

$4.99/6 oz

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100% grass-fed

Apsey Farm is located in Reed City, Michigan and raises 100% grass-fed Black Angus cattle on wide open pasture. Farmer Kyle Apsey is the current steward of the 100+ year old family farm. Kyle's herd lives a happy healthy life as nature intended. Follow Farmer Kyle on Instagram where you'll see frequent posts from the farm. Click Here - Apsey Farm

Black Angus Beef Chuck Tender Steak package sizes vary with an average of 6 oz. Cost is $12.99 per pound and the price will be finalized by weight when your order is packed.

Chuck Tender steaks are an economical choice with big beef flavor. They may look like a tenderloin filet, but need to be cooked differently for the tastiest results. Chuck Tender is best when marinated, slow cooked, or braised.