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Arborio White Rice OG

Earth's Promise

Arborio White Rice OG

$9.99/32 oz

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Earth's Promise promotes a healthy lifestyle by bringing delicious organic rice from their organic farms straight to your table without compromising taste. Along with promising authentic and organic grains, they promise to give back to their communities. Earth's Promise is dedicated to helping raise awareness for education, women empowerment, clean water, farming sustainability, environmental protection, and farmer's assistance. A portion of profits is always donated to one of their causes. 

Earth's Promise Organic Arborio Rice is directly from the Himalayan Mountains. Water from melted glaciers is used to grow this variety of rice. Farmers use traditional & modern methods to bring this rice to be amongst some of the highest quality grains of rice in the world.

Arborio Rice is known for its smooth creamy texture. This Organic Arborio White Rice is carefully grown with the utmost care and attention with no use of chemicals and pesticides to produce the healthiest and most nutritious grains. Arborio White is optimal for:


Rice Salad