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Meal Bundles

White Chicken Chili Dinner Bundle

White Chicken Chili Dinner Bundle

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Everything you need to make a delicious pot of white chili, great for a superbowl party, or for enjoying on a cold winter night! Put all of the ingredients in your slow cooker and in a few hours you'll have the best white chili you've ever tasted! 

This kit includes: 

1 pound Double L Chicken Breast

1 package Farm Country Hot cheese

3 15oz cans Omena Organics Great Northern Beans

1 16oz jar iO Traditional Mild Salsa

White Chicken Chili is extremely easy to make. Cook Chicken directly in pot for one pot chili or you can bake or grill chicken as well. Either way, cook Chicken until internal temperature reaches 170 degrees. Allow Chicken to rest for 10 minutes and then dice to desired size. While chicken rests, add Great Northern Beans (undrained) and Mild Salsa to pot. Cut cheese into roughly 1/2" pieces. Add diced Cheese and Chicken to pot and simmer for about 15 minutes or until cheese is completely melted.

What's in it?

Chicken Breasts - Boneless Skinless, 1 (lb.)
Chickens at Double LL (in McBain, MI) are raised on pasture and supplemented with non-gmo feed. No growth hormones or antibiotics. This is real chicken. You can...see more

Farm Country Hot Pepper Cheese , 1 (8oz)
This is a Jack cheese mixed with a sweet but spicy Jalapeno Pepper. It is a perfect blend of flavor. Farm Country considers this to be mild in heat. It is wonderful...see more

Omena Organic Great Northern Beans, 3 (15oz)
15oz can. Organic great northern beans spiral cooked so they pour out of the can with just a hint of sea salt that may be washed away for low sodium uses. Container...see more

Traditional Mild Salsa, 1 (16oz)
no description available ...see more