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Vegan Spicy Queso

Mother Raw

Vegan Spicy Queso

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This Spicy Queso packs a punch and our newest recipe is creamier and tastier than ever. This dairy and nut free queso packs some serious punch and pairs all the delicious cheezy flavors of queso with a smoky kick of heat! Notes of habanero pepper brings out delicious flavour and just the right amount of heat!



Filtered Water, *Virgin Olive Oil, *Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, Nutritional Yeast, *Hemp Seeds, *Minced Onion, *Minced Garlic, *Tomato Paste, Gray Sea Salt, *Green Banana Flour, *Paprika, *White Chia Seeds, *Habanero Pepper

*Organic (Made with 88% Organic Ingredients.)

May Contain Coconut