Elderberry Healer Honeybrew Kombucha

Lively Up

Elderberry Healer Honeybrew Kombucha

$4.99/12 oz

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After 2 years of hard work, Lively Up is releasing their JUN Kombucha. JUN is a very rare style of kombucha that is fermented with a unique culture that utilizes only green tea and raw honey! In the kombucha world – this is considered the “Champagne of Kombucha”. Think of this as a probiotic rich non-alcoholic Mead! Lively UP took a spin on this rare brew (only a few JUN producers in the world, let alone we are the only in MI) and exclusively age it in custom made Hungarian Oak Barrels. Each brew is then infused with beneficial herbs, fruits and… adaptogenic mushrooms – 1000mg of either Lionsmane or Cordycep Mushrooms.

Elderberry Healer Honeybrew Kombucha is oak barrel fermented with elderberry, ginger, and 1000mg of cordycep mushroom.