What Our Customers Say!

Check out what customers are saying about Doorganics!

I love the ease and convenience Doorganics provides for me! The contents of the bin are always fresh and good! Thank You! -Connie V.
Weekly Medium , February 7, 2017

Quality and selection of produce is outstanding. I really appreciate the pasture raised local meats. They are so hard to find, but you make it easy! -Jessica B.
Weekly Large , February 7, 2017

I love the selection and convenience of DOORGANICS! Thank you! -Heidi H.
Small Weekly , February 7, 2017

Loved everything in my first delivery and can't wait for the second one to arrive! My favorite part is that I can sub certain items I don't eat.  Customization makes this even better!
-Tracy G.
Small Bi-Weekly , January 30, 2014

I love all the fresh greens! -Kelly M.
Small Weekly , January 23, 2014

"Save time, Eat Better, Feel Better, Have more fun!" -Reid D.
Small Bi-Weekly , September 26, 2013

Such a good variety! I am so excited! My stomach is happy already... -Casey G.
Small Bi-Weekly , August 22, 2013

I am so excited to receive my first delivery. I have enjoyed my daughter's fresh deliveries for some time so now its my time to enjoy your deliveries as well. -Marilyn
Small Bi-Weekly , August 14, 2013

Haiku: fruits n veggies to my door who can ask for more? -Sarah
Small Weekly , August 14, 2013

Doorganics makes it easy to budget our grocery spending, and prevents those impulse purchases of junk food.  -Mark & Kara S.
Small Bi-Weekly , August 2, 2013

Amazing service! Having so much fun!!! :D -Alysha L.
Large Bi-Weekly , August 2, 2013

Keep that delicious produce coming : ) -Meghan L.
Small Bi-Weekly , August 2, 2013

Great variety of the summer's best! -Allen & Tina D.
Small Weekly , August 2, 2013

I love you guys! Happy dance every other Tuesday when you show up. -Ryan & Deidre
Small Weekly , July 31, 2013

Everything in the box was gorgeous again---I'm really happy with your service :) -Kelly M.
Small Weekly , July 31, 2013

Thanks for all you do. We love getting the shipments, it makes us get proactive around cooking and allows us not to get stuck in a rut! -Justin G.
Small Bi-Weekly , July 31, 2013

I F'ing love Doorganics!  That is all. -Skye
Small Bi-Weekly , July 31, 2013

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