Why Doorganics?

Real, Natural Food.

While most food comes from factory farms, grown with pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or created using genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), you can rest assured that the food in your Doorganics box does not fall into any of those categories. Just real, natural food the way it was meant to be. What you do with it from there is up to you!

Save time and our Planet.

Doorganics deliveries mean fewer trips to the grocery store and more time in the kitchen. Plus, by eating local & organic food, we can reduce the environmental impacts of factory farms and greenhouse gas emissions. We make every effort to reduce travel and packaging wherever possible. Don't forget to leave your reusable bin and recyclable containers from your deliveries outside on your next delivery date!


When you support Doorganics, you are supporting a West Michigan based start up company & hard working, local employees. Not only that, but you are supporting local farmers and the whole community. Doorganics is dedicated to giving back and donates extra produce to God's Kitchen to help nourish the hungry in our community. To date, Doorganics has donated more than 80,000 pounds of fresh food to God's Kitchen in Grand Rapids.